Happy Friday


Happy Friday

Happy to be here.  
Finally some time away from ST Fleet Command.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Francisco_M welcome to the Community! And Happy Friday indeed 💃

I haven't played Fleet Command, but it seems like a cool game! I take it you're a fan of the show as well? If you had to pick one of the series, which would be your favorite and why?


I'd also love to hear what brings you to the Meraki Community, and if there is anything we can help you out with! We look forward to having you around the forums. 

Picard.  It's the continuation of what I grew up with.  

Here to help in my efforts to get my cert.  I have enough Microsoft, need some Cisco. 🙂

Nice! You're in good company here in the Meraki Community then. Lots of folks going for their certs around here. We have some fun badges for you, too, once you've passed like ECMS, CMNA,  and CMSS 🏆

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