Webhook Templates and API support

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Webhook Templates and API support

Hi All, 


Hoping someone from Meraki staff may have some info on this.


Webhook support for Insight seems to be detached from the Webhooks support config in the wider dashboard. If you go to the config page for Insight Webhooks you can see that templates aren't supported. For us, this means that we cant receive Insight Webhooks to our system as there is no way to provision an API key in the header (as we are currently doing with standard dashboard Webhooks).


Also, some of the Info and metrics inside Insight would be extremely useful for us but looking at the API dev pages, very little of that info is exposed to the API.


So 2 questions then for Meraki product devs (or anyone in the know).


Are there any plans to add template support to the Insight Webhook config in the same way as currently exists  for the standard dashboard Webhooks ?


Are there any plans to expose more of the Insight data/product to API ?


I have already asked this via the 'i wish this page would...' feature a while ago.



for any info




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