Meraki Insight - Capacity Management

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Meraki Insight - Capacity Management



Can the Meraki Insight be used as a capacity management tool? I need to know if the existing lines of my meraki network are enough for the current volume of traffic


Could Meraki Insight provide an historical link bandwidth usage to identify if a WAN line upgrade is needed?


Do you have any example or demo about capacity planning?



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Kind of a big deal

Hey @Oscarobs. No, Meraki insight is a web application performance monitor. Capacity management is better suited to the Summary Reports that are available under Organization > Summary report. Those will give you a better idea of total data transferred and peak/average data rates. 

Hi jdsilva,


Thanks for your feedback. But under Summary reports I'm not able to see the IN/OUT bw utilization to determine if a line upgrade is needed



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