Vpn problem, corporate network shock with home network

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Vpn problem, corporate network shock with home network

I have a corporate server on the network when I connect from my home via vpn I can not access the server, nor ping the network, make a test of sharing the internet from my cell phone to my pc with network, I could see that when I enter my home network, which is the same as corporate I have these problems Is there any way that my home network does not clash with the corporate, without changing the ip from home, I say this because I have several users with the same problem.

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Kind of a big deal

For site to site vpn there's a translation feature. But for client vpn there isn't afaik. Tbh it probably wasn't the best choice to use that range for the corporate network...




I don't think there's an easy solution to your problem.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

This is probably the most powerful reason not to use for any business network.  I would change the subnet being used at work. 

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Agree with Phillip, however the question is what will be the easiest: change the Corp side of network addressing and address  a bit of work, or  - I believe you have some Corp side switches/routers/any kind of network device - what capable for NAT-ing a do a "double NAT", That might be also an option for you.

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