Very bad experiences with Meraki MX1 and Z1

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Very bad experiences with Meraki MX1 and Z1

I am very glad this forum has been created, it is very necessary seeing as I have not had great support regarding my specific issues.

Firstly, the MX1 has been a brick in our network for about 5/6 months due to statistics being very incorrect, (apparently I have a 25Gbps uplink even though the MX only has a 1Gbps port) we have had a response from support saying they have found the bug, but this was about a month ago and we have heard nothing since. I submitted this ticket in April!


The Z1 is the same, I ran a test with Iperf, uploading 150Mbps, I see the live feed tracking the data perfectly, actual data usage seems correct, however when I look at client usage it says 7.5Mbps.

Can anyone else let me know if they have experienced the same thing?

Has anyone had any luck monitoring PPPoE traffic when the MX is set up in passthrough mode?

It just seems as though nothing works as it should, even the most basic of functions, such as monitoring client usage doesn't seem to do anything with any reasonable accuracy, am I the only person experiencing this??? Surely not.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Have you tried the beta firmware?  It may be that the issues you opened the ticket about have been resolved in them.

Head in the Cloud

What version of the firmware are you running? And I assume by MX1 you mean MX100?

BHC Resorts IT Department

Thanks for responding. Yes I mean the MX100, apologies.

I have upgraded to the latest Beta firmware, this has not resolved anything.


Firstly, the below is a speedtest from a server connected to the Meraki and then a fibre line.  As you can see, the download portion of the update seems to be reporting down and up.
live uplink.JPG

The upload seems to be working fine.

live uplink B.JPG

When I go to client usage, this is what is displayed (This is a fresh setup)

Usage Graph.JPG


Traffic analytics shows usage of about 25mbps over a 1 hour period(roughly)


traffic analytics.JPG


All three display different results, the only reasonably accurate one is the Live feed, and that worked more effectively when using the original firmware. I have the same experience with the Z1.

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