Uplink Traffic Analytics VOIP Quality

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Uplink Traffic Analytics VOIP Quality



I have a quick question for Traffic Analytics experts.

I've been battling challenges after a recent VOIP Migration onto our Data Network

Initial problems with constant phone disconnects needing to retrieve their settings, has been resolved by moving voice to alternate ISP Path WAN2.  Now that I've resolved major packet loss happening on initial WAN1 ISP Path, after vendor equipment replacement and noise detected on the lines has been addressed, I'd like to move voice back with data.


Before doing so I was reviewing Network/Uplink stats for both of the separate networks in question.  My non-expert analysis of traffic stats in the dashboard for both of my separate networks,  indicate a network that is not very busy that indicates a very tolerable level of Latency and Loss.  These stats indicate an environment that should successfully support the addition of Voice traffic for 10-11 simultaneous conversations occurring. 


Of course other variables such as up-link spikes in data traffic etc... which will impact however historical trends of network stats reflect same as shown in pics below.


Can anyone offer a different or more expert analysis of stats shown below?  The current path I have voice on is only 50Mbps with available upload of 12Mbps and as expected we're encountering some call quality issues.


Understood when depending on an ISP moving voip traffic out/back thru the wild west, it is a challenge beyond total control, however the goal is to get it as good as can be before further investment in alternatives such as fiber.


Thank You




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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

The image shows as broken in your message ...


With 11 simultaneous calls using G711 you'll need around 1Mb/s of bandwidth.  Have you got that much available on your upstream?


You will also want to measure you upstream capacity (using something like www.speedtest.net) and configure your WAN links to that speed, and then give the VoIP traffic priority.

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