Serial number claim process

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Serial number claim process

Wanted to clarify a technical detail of serial# claim process. When a device is installed and registered to a network is the serial number electronically registered into the Meraki cloud from the device? IE this is not just someone claiming a SN on a dashboard its actually exchanged from the device?

I know customers can claim device SN and not have device active. However this process locks the SN from being used in the Meraki cloud. What I am getting at if there is a protocol exchange with real SN between actual device  and Meraki DB why not over-ride any other claim on that SN since it is the actual device registering on the owners network. 

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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

The process is manual by either claiming the order number (which can contain serials and license keys) or just claiming the serial. There's no auto registration or anything else occuring.

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Thats too bad if there was model/sn/mac info in the initial device registration it would fix all this business of someone claimed my SN or device. Perhaps a make my wish request. 

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