Organization Summary Report, Top application categories

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Organization Summary Report, Top application categories

When looking at a single network I can go down to top applications by usage and click for example on UDP and will will show the top talkers for that specific network.  I want to be able to do this at an organizational level but the option to click on the links are not there.  Is there a way to do this or even a report on a global scale of top users for a specific application by usage?

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Kind of a big deal

The only thing I can think of is going to Organization>Summary Report

Set it to Entire Organization and you can see the last 30 days. Not as granular but I believe this is the only option we have currently.
Nolan Herring |

My Meraki account has only one organization and only one network in this organization.

In the network, there are only 2 MR42 Access Point.

The problem is that, The values are different when I viewed the summary report by entire organization and a single network in Top application categories and Top applications by usage. Only these two categories are very different (around 40 GB). 

I have no idea what is that and why?

Could someone please help to solve this.


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Can you provide screenshots of both samples please
Nolan Herring |
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