New location Floorplan in Network wide removed the placement of my AP's

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New location Floorplan in Network wide removed the placement of my AP's


I just checked on one of my location the floorplan to see where my AP are, I see that they are, according to the floorplan, not on their place anymore.

I am not happy when Meraki makes changes with this kind of result, I now have to re-place in that building all 48 AP's. 

See picture below text.


On one other location on two floors the AP's are at the right location on one floor the AP's are grouped together in one spot outside the building.


Can Meraki correct this or do i have to place all AP's on the right spot again? And how can Meraki prevent this from happening again. This will take me hours again to put all AP's on the right place!.


Hope someone from the Merkaki team can help? or at least explain why?


Kind regards,


Thijs van Yperen

 Faulty placed APs.PNG


Thijs van Yperen
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Kind of a big deal

Not going to lie, I just had flashbacks of last year when Meraki deleted everyones maps. My sites look good, so if I were you, before touching anything, I would contact support so that they can look into what happened and hopefully prevent this from happening to anyone else.
Nolan Herring |
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