MX250 SFP 10G Adapter Trouble

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MX250 SFP 10G Adapter Trouble

We recently had a 2gb internet line installed, and we came in at the weekend to configurate and switch it over, but are still unfortunately having issues.

The 2gb line is coming out of a 10gb port on a ISP supplied Cisco ASR920 Router. We are using two SFP-10G-SR (10-2415-03) connected via an optical cable, but it does not work. The WAN is coming up as Failed each and every time in meraki, even though it is detected as a 10gb port.

We got the ISP to move the connection over to one of the 1gb ethernet ports on the ASR920, and this worked like a charm. Connected immediately, But we can't for the life of us get it working on the 10gb port.

Should this work? Is there anything I need to be doing on the Meraki side to get it working?

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Kind of a big deal

Have you verified that the ISP side is set to autonegotiate? When testing, did you try manually setting the speed on the port on both sides?

I've heard of some issues with 10GB autonegotiating between mx250's and ISP equipment.

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