MX mix of enterprise and Advances licenses

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MX mix of enterprise and Advances licenses

Just wanted to share this.  I have a customer with an MX Enterprise licensed network and their partner ordered an MX with the Advanced license.  On the same order, they had APs, switches, and an MV.  When they atteempted to claim the entire license they could not as the MX licenses were different.  This stopped the entire order from getting imported into their org.  Their solution was to have TAC downgrade the license.  They need the MX immediately to bring a branch online.  They also could have broken the order down to separate the MX and the other devices would have been imported into their org.

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Hey @RonG. Thanks for sharing this information. It Sounds like support have downgraded the license to an "Enterprise" License for the MX and sorted your problem out?


The issue which you are putting forward seems to say that the license type was incorrectly ordered? Licenses I believe can still be "Split" out to individual licenses for Products, I.e one key with 1YR MV,MR,MX can be split out to 1YR MV, 1YR MR and 1 YR MX licenses, however, you have to engage support to do this once provided with the key.





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Unfortunately, you can't mix MX Advanced and Enterprise licenses on a network. 

Kind of a big deal

You can mix but you'll have to have support setup your dashboard as a MSP and then you'll have to setup a different organization to contain the non Enterprise MX's and the Advanced Security MX's.   You can't mix inside of one organization.  

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Which is useless because then you would need different headend MXs in the second organization.  This is broken functionality if you ask me.  What if you want advanced licenses for field sites but just enterprise for the hub?  Too bad.

I have deployed a lot of Meraki networks.


I have never used an Enterprise licence with an MX.


Probably easier to not buy Enterprise licences.  You give up far too much security when doing so.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I have previously imported kit into an organisation using the kit serial numbers, instead of the order number.  I think this might let you import kit one device at a time without the licence.  This will cause the organisation to go into licence violation mode, but everything will keep running for a good month while you get that sorted out.

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