Live streaming video on a full stack Meraki network

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Live streaming video on a full stack Meraki network

We're a K12 school using Meraki gear. We also live stream our sports through the NFHS Network and their Pixellot camera system. Lately I've been getting complaints from people that the stream is cutting out or choppy. Our ISP pipe is shared among our campus (1 Gbps/35 Mbps). I've got the live stream gear on it's own VLAN.

  1. Is there a way to tell the live statistics in the dashboard on if the pipe is being saturated?
  2. Are there wired QoS rules I can put in place that prioritizes all that streaming traffic on that VLAN?


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Presuming you have a MX as your edge firewall what does the WAN link utilization look like during the streaming events? You can configure traffic shaping rules on the MX and QoS on the switches to prioritize the VLAN or the specific host IP and port(s).


I'm not entirely sure how the NFHS system works, but it appears your camera streams to their site and folks watch it from there?

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