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Gather data about Meraki appliances through SNMP

New here

Gather data about Meraki appliances through SNMP

Hello Community!

We are deploying Meraki solution for VPNs using MX devices.

We are using infoblox as asset management system which discovers devices through SNMP.

When I discover Meraki devices I can see only hostname and description, but no data about Software version, Model, Vendor, etc.

Does anybody have this problem and how to manage this? I need to have full data for Meraki devices like I have for another Cisco devices

Kind of a big deal

Re: Gather data about Meraki appliances through SNMP

Software version doesn't seem to be availabe over SNMP. But model and vendor are available, both when polling a device directly with the standard v2 MIB, and when polling the dashboard using the proprietary Meraki MIB.


This is an extract when I walk my dashboard's SNMP tree:

65: devProductCode. MR33-HW
66: devProductCode. MX64-HW
67: devProductCode. MS220-8P-HW
68: devProductDescription. Meraki MR33 Cloud Managed AP
69: devProductDescription. Meraki MX64 Cloud Managed Router
70: devProductDescription. Meraki MS220-8P Cloud Managed PoE Switch


When I poll a specific device I get vendor and model too:

1: sysDescr.0 Meraki MS220-8P Cloud Managed PoE Switch
2: sysObjectID.0 ms220-8p


More info here:


Keep in mind that the SNMP password settings are configured in two different locations depending on whether you're polling a specific device (different password per network) or if you're polling the dashboard (organization wide configuration).


Organization > Settings

Network-wide > General


FYI to poll the dashboard you don't need access to the management VLAN of the devices. To poll the devices themselves you do need access to the subnet.

New here

Re: Gather data about Meraki appliances through SNMP

Thanks for you comment!

I see the same, but when I poll directly the device I receive only description:


snmpEngineID = '42:b4:93:a1:3d:52:8b:27:41:37:f9:63:94:ed:65:ac' : SNMP "
sysName = 'TEST-DEVICE' : SNMP "
sysVendor = '' : SNMP "
sysDescr = 'Meraki MX64 Cloud Managed Router' : SNMP "
sysObjectID = '' : SNMP "
sysVersion = '' : SNMP "
sysModel = '' : SNMP "
ipForwarding = 'noSuchObject' : SNMP "
sysServices = 'noSuchObject' : SNMP "
sysLocation = 'noSuchObject' : SNMP "
sysUpTime = 'noSuchObject' : SNMP "

Is it possible to extract more details?

Kind of a big deal

Re: Gather data about Meraki appliances through SNMP

Well, when polling the dashboard you get more info, and it seems to be more uniform as well.


It seems to me the local polling needs some work. When I poll my MX64 locally the sysObjectID is also "mx64", strange that it's empty for you, might be software version difference.

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