Any new Small Business Switches rumored?

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Any new Small Business Switches rumored?

Has anyone heard any rumblings of new small business switches coming out? Recently they rolled out the new Wifi 6 AP on both Meraki Go and Meraki Enterprise that was more geared for small businesses. I would love to see some lower cost Switches that compare in price to the Meraki Go Switches for smaller clients but allow management in the Meraki Enterprise Dashboard.


Also we haven't seen a new MS120 range device since 2017 which seems quite a while to go without seeing any revisions.

Kind of a big deal

@Aquatoes : Not yet !

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Kind of a big deal

I'd also like to see a layer 2-only version (like an MS120/MS125) of the MS350-24X - something with some built-in MGig/10BaseT ports.

That would be a nice addition as well. 

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