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How long is an ECMS2 session?

A single ECMS2 session is held over 3 consecutive days. 


Do I have to attend all 3 days of training?

Yes, attendees are required to attend all 3 days of the ECMS2 training.


Can I observe a session without registering?

No, anyone who shows up to an ECMS2 session without first having been accepted to the course will not be able to participate.


Do I have to pay to attend ECMS2?

ECMS2 will be offered by Cisco Learning Partners in the second half of calendar year 2020. Attendees will be required to pay to attend these sessions. 


I’m a partner - will I learn how to position Meraki products in an ECMS2 session?

ECMS2 is an advanced technical training course that teaches attendees how to plan, design, implement, and operate Cisco Meraki solutions. You can explore Meraki sales-focused trainings, such as CMNA and Meraki FIT, on the Learning Hub main page.



Certification and Gear


Will I get a certification for attending ECMS2?

ECMS1 and ECMS2 prepare attendees to take the Meraki certification. Passing the exam earns individuals the Meraki certification.


When will the Meraki certification be available?

The Cisco Meraki Solutions Specialist certification is available now. You can find more information about the certification here.


Do I get gear for attending an ECMS2 session?

No, attendees do not receive gear for attending an ECMS2 session.

Eligibility and Registration


What are the eligibility requirements?

The ECMS2 course is an advanced technical training the teaches you to plan, design, implement, and operate complex Cisco Meraki solutions. Before taking the ECMS2 course, attendees should:


  • Have taken ECMS1, or possess equivalent Meraki knowledge and experience (see question below)
  • Have CCNA or equivalent networking knowledge and experience


We recommend this course to those who regularly deploy or manage Meraki networks, want to deepen their technical expertise and understanding of the full Meraki product suite and features, or who have taken Meraki training in the past and want to be exposed to new Meraki products and features.


Do I have to take ECMS1 before attending ECMS2?

Attending ECMS1 is not a requirement to attend ECMS2. However, in order to successfully participate in an ECMS2 session, attendees should have Meraki knowledge and experience equivalent to the level achieved from ECMS1.


What does “ECMS1 equivalent Meraki knowledge and experience” mean?

To successfully participate in an ECMS2 session, attendees must have attended ECMS1 or possess equivalent Meraki knowledge and experience. Attendees should be able to and have recent experience in the following:


  • Be able to describe the security, reliability, and scalability of the Dashboard cloud architecture and it's out-of-band control plane
  • Fundamental understanding of Dashboard's organizational structure, delineation of privileges, and overarching administrative processes 
  • Be able to outline the key components of Meraki licensing (co-termination model and expiration grace period)
  • Have the knowledge and ability to deploy advanced security features on MX security appliances (intrusion detection/prevention, Advanced Malware Protection (AMP), layer 3 & 7 firewall rules)
  • Fundamental understanding of Auto VPN and its purpose when utilized in an SD-WAN deployment
  • Be experienced at navigating, configuring, and applying configurations to MS switches through the virtual stack interface in Dashboard 
  • Be able to describe the concepts behind a cloud-based WLAN solution and the features that can be delivered including layer 7 traffic shaping and various guest access authentication methods
  • Fundamental understanding of device profile containerization and remote management capabilities as managed through the Systems Manager platform
  • Fundamental understanding of the edge architecture as implemented by MV security cameras and its implications on video retention through various configurable options 
  • Be able to effectively leverage the live tools and monitoring capabilities of the Meraki Dashboard when troubleshooting device or application performance issues 


How do I register for an ECMS2 session?

We are currently partnering with Cisco Learning Partners to offer ECMS2 sessions beginning in the second half of calendar year 2020. The Learning Hub will be updated with registration information once sessions are available.