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Clients no longer showing in Network

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Clients no longer showing in Network

I have two networks setup. One for our old 10 iPads (not DEP and set up as single user iPads) and one for 10 iPads we just purchased (DEP and set up as shared iPads).


I imported the 10 new clients into our Meraki Free (100 device) plan using DEP. I gave them a profile and set them up as shared devices and made some minor changes to systems manager settings (i.e. changing the wallpaper). I fired up one of the iPads and it succesfully connected to the MDM and installed our profile and took the settings. 


All 10 devices showed top in the the new network.


I then made some changes on Apple School Manager (ours school domain is really long, so we changed the domain of some test users so it was a much shorter domain). 


I'm not sure if that is the cause, but, since doing that, all 10 devices now no longer show in my network, and any changes I make in system manager settings aren't taking. I can still see the devices in DEP. I've tried moving the devices between networks, and on the DEP screen it shows they are changing networks, but when I go to the corresponding network it's showing 0 devices.

I'm a little bit lost as to what try next. Any ideas?

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Re: Clients no longer showing in Network

I found a solution to this (I think). I put the iPad in DFU mode and reset it and it reappeared as a client in the correct network.

Not a clue why it vanished. This seems like a bug?

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