MX L3 FQDN Support - Documentation revamp / review

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

MX L3 FQDN Support - Documentation revamp / review

Hi ,


Would it be possible to do a complete revamp / rework of the documentation about the MX support for FQDN in the firewall section ?


The only thing that I could find is that :


But it doesn't include a lot. 


1- You can't have a wildcard in the middle of your fqdn ( abc.*.com is not supported ) 

2- I had opened a case about a weird behavior which ended up being expected  :

Hi Raphael,

Based on the response I received from our Product Specialists and Engineering teams, the expected behavior is to treat (domain).(TLD) without a subdomain as a wild card, so adding *.(domain).(TLD) when a subdomain is used would treat it as a specific example. So (subdomain).(domain).(TLD)


This one is crucial. Creating a rule with will allow everything under microsoft ( essentially * ) I don't think that a lot of user are aware of this.



Thanks , 

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