v1 API doesn't support localId for non-Merki VPN peers


v1 API doesn't support localId for non-Merki VPN peers

I'm having trouble updating non-Meraki VPN peers with the v1 API.


The getOrganizationApplianceVpnThirdPartyVPNPeers function doesn't return the localId attribute for IKEv2 peers.


The updateOrganizationApplianceVpnThirdPartyVPNPeers function wipes out an existing localId when updating peers since I'm unable to read the existing localId with the getOrganizationApplianceVpnThirdPartyVPNPeers function.


This seems like a bug in the v1 API, any thoughts?





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Hey @gdrapp , I'm having the same issue except I'm trying to add them in bulk via the APIs and will now need to add the Local ID manually for 360 VPNs. I think the only solution is to ask for them to add the feature via the 'Give your feedback' button and hope that they add it in the next round of updates.

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