staticRoutes API call does not update the "Active" field

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staticRoutes API call does not update the "Active" field

I'm running into an issue with the staticRoutes API call.  The route is added, but the "Active" field is left blank and I have not found a way to set it.


If you open the static route in the dashboard, it shows Active as "always", but clicking save does nothing.  You have to select another option like "While next hop responds to ping", Update, go back and change to "always", then you can Save it out.


I have not tested to see if the route is working correctly since it would appear it's defaulting to the "always" under the hood.  But this is still disconcerting to see in the dashboard.


curl -L -H 'X-Cisco-Meraki-API-Key: <key>' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -X POST --data-binary '{"name":"VOIP","subnet":"","gatewayIp":""}' ''


Screenshot from 2017-11-30 14-55-53.png


Any thoughts?





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Hi Randy,


It sounds like the UI is displaying "Active: " instead of the correct "Active: always" when you add a route via API. I would suggest reporting this to Meraki support. It would also be good to test it and confirm that there is no impact on the functionality of your network.

Colin Lowenberg
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Thank you, I opened up a support case.

Dear Randy,


did you get an answer from Meraki regarding this issue?

Is it possible to set the "active" field via API?


I would like to set "while next hop respond to ping" via API


many thanks,



I did get a response from Support.  Engineering fixed it about a month later.  However I haven't tested it.  I believe all that has changed is that an API added static route will now show "Active" on the web.


In terms of changing the type of Active, I don't believe the API exposes that yet.

Hi @Oliver_Pinisch,


Did you ever get an answer for this? Agreed, the ability to set "while next hop respond to ping" via API would be extremely useful.



no, didn´t get an answer for this.

Still have to set it manually, after deploying sites via API

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