"errors": [ "'serials' must be an array" ]

Comes here often

"errors": [ "'serials' must be an array" ]

receiving this error from Postman after this request  - https://api.meraki.com/api/v1/organizations/264469/devices/availabilities/changeHistory?serials=[Q2E...]

Does anyone know the proper format.  If I run the request without the Serial Number it works fine, but too much info to sort through....

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It would be nice if the docs gave better examples.  I believe the expected format is 


if you need more than one device it would be


Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

@Jake-Young is correct.

And @Fantasticmrfox I would recommend you edit your post to not expose your Org ID and especially your device serial number.

Actually that goes for @Jake-Young 's post too which shows the serial.

Ryan / Meraki Solutions Engineer

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