getNetworkEvents on switch to pull only the last 24 hours of logs


getNetworkEvents on switch to pull only the last 24 hours of logs

I have small sites with a single 8 port switch to large sites with up to 15 switches of various sizes.   Is there a way to pull just the last 24 hours of events from each switch on a site?
Seems like the "total_page" and "perPage" overrule the "endingBefore" or "startingAfter" options.


If I set "total_page" and "perPage" both to 10, I get 100 returns regardless of the "endingBefore" or "startingAfter" options.

If I use "endingBefore" or "startingAfter" options and leave out the "total_page" and "perPage" options, I get up to the default 30 returns.
You can not use "endingBefore" and "startingAfter" options together.  If you could that would be great.

Also, I have "excludedEventTypes=[ "port_status"] to reduce the events returned.   

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

This is the API documentation:


startingAfter and endingBefore are used for pagination.  They are not for filtering the time range.


I don't see an option for extracting based on a time filter, so you'll need to request all the events and then filter by occurredAt as you receive them.

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I think the endpoint returns most recent events first.


So a workaround could be to check each page of returned events and stop getting the next page once there are events older than required.

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