get all bssid"s of org

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get all bssid"s of org

This would be a great endpoint.

Any plan to implement that ?


Customers are using tools on devices (Laptops,...). This tools are able to read the bssid the device is connected to..
To integrate that customers backend tools it would be great to have an endpoint returning all AP"s and their BSSID"s.
Actual this can only done per AP which does not scale if you have 100"s of AP"s deployed.

Feedback is welcome as I want to check if that does make really sense and I should create a FR.

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When I tried it using per-AP call, it wasn't too bad, it took 2-3 minutes for over 1500 APs...


But I like per-Org calls, maybe it could be handy to simplify/speed some integrations.

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I was also looking into this, as we have multiple SSID's on the access points and the following API is what I am using to gather this informaton<serial number>/wireless/status


Passing the serial number of the access point will return the details about the SSID's and BSSID.

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This is a great idea, @Thomas_Sterber! It would be nice to be able to get all of them across the organization.

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