floorplan GPS corners not accurate

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floorplan GPS corners not accurate

Hi all,

We are retrieving the image of floorplan and inserting it in map using Javascript Leaflet and/or Mapbox.

In order to insert an image in the map we need to position it inside the four corners, which we are using the corners retrieved by API:


- bottomRightCorner

- topLeftCorner

- topRightCorner


If we use an image directly without any rotation, the insertion works fine.

When the floorplan image is inserted and we rotate it to match exact place, the 4 edges above seems to have some issue and the resulting insertion of image is distorted.


We have two main objectives:

1. have the image without distortion

2. be able to rotate the image "back" to 0 degrees. The information about the percentage of rotation would also be nice to have through the API


If there is any other information we can use to do the two objectives above, we are more than glad to know.

Happy to share screenshots and code used. 

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