createNetworkMerakiAuthUser fails to mail password

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createNetworkMerakiAuthUser fails to mail password

Hello All,
Still struggling with the createNetworkMerakiAuthUser API calls..
There is an option called emailPasswordToUser 
When set to True it should be able to include the password in the mail, however.... this is not true
How can i sent a password or what am i doing wrong in this car... i get the confirmation that i can do all but no password in my mail message
Also still no answer on my question on how to authorize and existing administrator for the use of a VPN client on a network
Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hi Edgar,


Could you post your full JSON body (sans sensitive info) for review?

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Good Morning,


The JSON string sent the API Is :




'accountType': 'Client VPN',

'email': '',

'name': 'Edgar van Rhee',

'password': 'FakePassword',

'emailPasswordToUser': True,
'authorizations': [{'authorizedZone': 'NLRTM1-JOW', 'expiresAt': '2021-04-12T00:00:00'}]



Best regards





Hi Edgar,


If you could, please open a support case for this. This doesn't seem right.




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