What are the most "Oh yeah, that's cool" scripts that you've made?

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What are the most "Oh yeah, that's cool" scripts that you've made?



Our network doesn't really require much change but I'm wanting to expand my script portfolio for future jobs I may go for. I was hoping I could get some ideas for them from some of the scripts that you may have done.


I'm not looking for the actual code, just ideas for functionality and maybe scenarios where they've been useful.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I quite like my GPS project which updates the location of a mobile MX on the Overview map.


Interesting idea. Though, for my mobile kits I'm always adjusting stuff as it moves around. I also nix the tunnel before shipping it off to the next location. In this instance, updating the address manually would seem to be the safer router (vs managing a RPi).


Though, I could see this being useful if you shipped a road case around where everything is installed 100% of the time and you never touch the dashboard for each venue.

Think of mobile, as onboard a boat, truck, etc.  It operates while it is moving around.

Head in the Cloud

Based on Geofence: enable/disable specific switch ports. I've used it for Power saving purposes at home to shut down some PoE devices.

auto vpn between meraki organizations: updates/creates ip, key, subnets of specific/all networks between two metaki organizations 

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

You can the the Meraki health-check I created in my previous position. 
It generates a report based on various statuses and configurations, highlighting areas for improvement. 

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