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Webhook stopped working

Here to help

Webhook stopped working

I am currently testing automated monitoring for our Meraki MX products. The API is great and the addition of webhooks is a warm welcome.

The webhooks have been working the whole day and spontaneously stopped working.


I have added my email address to the recipient (next to the webhook) and the mail is sent out fine for the alerts, just the webhook wont. It sometimes does happen that only some webhooks are triggered, but not all.


I know this is still in a beta phase, but any idea what could cause webhooks not being called?

Here to help

Re: Webhook stopped working

I have restarted the appliance, it seems this has helped for now.

But I would have assumed the mails, webhooks and snmp traps are handled by the dashboard, not the actual appliance?

Kind of a big deal

Re: Webhook stopped working

They are handled by the dashboard.  Restarting the appliance should have only been "co-incidental".

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