VPN Subnet Translation needed in API

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VPN Subnet Translation needed in API

Hello everyone!


My company is currently doing a full-scale migration for over 5,000 retail stores and each one has a Meraki device. We currently use the VPN subnet translation feature (picture below) and we will need to change these settings in every device.  As best as I can tell, this is not yet in the API; the VPN settings for enabled/disabled are there, but not the translation options and translated subnet CIDR.



We are currently using Selenium browser automation to manage this, but with the new dashboard design coming, this obviously will need to be updated, and it's not a long-term solution as the page could change, etc.


I understand this feature is only added on-demand via support, but please add this to the API spec!  I would imagine other customers could also use this as well.


Also, if any other customers out there are using something other than Selenium to automate this, I'd love to hear your solutions!


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