Update Organization Appliance Vpn Third Party VPN Peers Limitations

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Update Organization Appliance Vpn Third Party VPN Peers Limitations



I am wanting to configure Third Party VPN peers via the API but there are a few options that are not able to be configured via the API.


the IPSEC Policy Preset via the API does not include Zscaler or Umbrella and I am not able to configure a Local ID.


Is this on the roadmap to be added to the API?

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I seem to have hit the same problem. Is there anyway we can update the local ID and retrieve that information when configuring Non Meraki VPN peers? 


Any help on this regard is very much appreciated. 



I just realised that the option to use IKEv2 (and the extra presets) and configure the Local ID is in BETA so that is probably why the API doesn't have it yet. It may just be my version though.




Would be great if it is on the roadmap still though.

Thanks for pointing that out and apologise for duplicating the discussion here too. What I'm unable to figure yet is what exactly would the local ID parameter have if it is not mentioned at all. Have you tried bringing up the VPN connection without the local ID? I'm still working on my setup and once I have it I shall give this a shot at my end too. 

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Meraki Employee


"ipsecPoliciesPreset": "zscaler"


This is valid. I don't see a localId param, though.
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