Unable to Delete VLAN

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Unable to Delete VLAN

Hello! I've been recently trying to delete some VLANs from a network. Im using the Python library, specifically the following function:  dashboard.appliance.deleteNetworkApplianceVlan. Im getting a 204 code, which I take it means: "I managed to delete your stuff, go on with your day". However, when I go to the actual Meraki dashboard, the VLAN remains listed. The same happens with the API, if I fetch the available VLANs, the supposedly deleted VLAN still appears on the list. I tried re-running the delete endpoint from the API docs (https://developer.cisco.com/meraki/api-v1/delete-network-appliance-vlan/), but I get a "Unable to fetch" response.


Im so confused. Am I missing something? This would be easier if the API just said: Hey, something failed, here it is, but I just get a confirmation message.

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

I hate to say "It works fine in my environment"... but it does, in several.
If you are able to reproduce this issue, kindly open a case with Meraki support so that they can look into the specifics of your environment.

I know, its such a weird error. Do you know if something could be blocking the deletion? Maybe a different setting that is preventing us from deleting correctly.

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