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Is there a way to get list of tags for a network via API. I'm developing a deployment application and one of our requirements is to let the field engineer who do the install select tags from a list of predefined tags. 


I can manually create a DB of tags and use that but I want the app to be in sync with tags available on the dashboard to avoid disparities between the deployment app and the dashboard. 


Assigning the tags to the Devices is easy enough. 



Kind of a big deal

Re: Tags

The only way I can think of to do this is to iterate through everything and build a list of tags currently available.


However if you have a person doing deployments surely the list of tags they should be using would be fairly narrow?


Re: Tags

Thanks PhillipDAth,


Only way I could think of was to iterate through everything as well. Hoped for quicker solution.


We have multiple persons doing deployments and sometimes outsource the deployments as well. 


Aim is to provide partners and our engineers with an APP that they could use to easily deploy new devices to our Managed Networks adding and selecting location specific tags. 


Want to avoid a situation where admins create tags for new deployments via the dashboard and those not being visible to our partners and engineers in the field.


Guest I could build a scheduled process to iterate through everything and update tag DB, daily weekly as required or build a web interface app that the admins use to add Tags to Networks and our Tag DB. 


Will play around with options available.


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