Staging Environment for CI/CD Integration

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Staging Environment for CI/CD Integration

Hello community!


In order to configure the Meraki dashboard using API calls, all pushed configurations are currently deployed directly to the production environment. However, I have an idea to improve this process by introducing a staging environment. Of note, staging can be a static environment for testing. It's also possible to provision a dynamic environment with dedicated configuration. This approach would allow us to push configurations and test them without affecting the production environment. Once we have validated these configurations, we can proceed to push them to production. This integration can be favorably incorporated into a CI/CD platform.


While the Python library provides a helpful "simulate" option, I intentionally tested it with an incorrect payload and the test was unexpectedly successful 🙂. Therefore, it may not be the most reliable solution. Another option is to create a separate organization, but that would require additional equipment. I'm unsure if there are any existing implementations of my idea, but I believe it would greatly enhance the configuration process.


Your suggestions are valuable, thank you!

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Creating a test / dummy org is your only choice here. If you have such a large network that you can do CD/CI then your org should be in a position to have some dedicated lab equipment.

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