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Shopify add on

Hi all, I have a shop and we are use Shopify (Facebook Ecom platform) but unlucky I dont see any integration between Shopify and Meraki, hence I would like to know if anyone did the following:-

- If someone want to get Wifi into the shop, he/she just need to use his/her login from Shopify

- if he/she is not register with us, he/she get a pop up to register and will be able to get Wifi

- as he/she is register, to be able to track where he/she move around the shop

- be able to give pop up on promo, best seller, or check he/she last shopping a propose something base on what people normally buy together with what he/she already bought

- give a limited internet access by service or 30/45 min


Am sure that this is something that will work for many Shopify / Meraki user. 



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