SD-WAN Settings API


SD-WAN Settings API

We are in the middle of a SD-WAN solution deployment.
We are doing the deployment via API calls, due to the small changes that each site has.

Has anyone seen, or if Meraki can answer this, a API call for SD-WAN settings?
This is the last component that is needed for a nearly fully automated deployment in our company.

Thank you.

Kind of a big deal

You can get and put the Uplink Selection criteria for both internet and SD-WAN traffic through the traffic shaping uplink selection endpoint,!get-network-appliance-traffic-shaping-uplink-selection. And if you need to define a custom class you use custom performance class endpoint,!get-network-appliance-traffic-shaping-custom-performance... and then apply it using the previous endpoint (well, the put version of it).


Hope this is what you were looking for.


That gets me to some more info I am needing, yet not the critical component.

In "Security & SD-WAN -> Configure -> SD-WAN & traffic shaping" section, there is "Local internet breakout" that I need to both set and validate. Right now, this is done by hand, and we have a few applications that can be hitting 40-50 different IPs.

What we are looking for, is a way to both update, as well as validate that the proper entries are there, that is NOT by hand, and NOT by template ( as templates do not work for our situation ).

We also have a script that updates our old VPN solution automatically, and if we can link that to a API, that would also help us with doing things by hand, and also reduce the mistakes and missing entries.

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