Query for Historical Data

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Query for Historical Data

Hi community and support team,


After recovering from downtime, is there any way that we can query for the data we lost? Does Meraki cloud have something like REST APIs to address this issue?




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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

The API docs are located here:



But if you can't see the data you need in the Dashboard then the data is not available.

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@trinpm, When you talk about Downtime, are you referring to your Meraki devices have lost power or during brownout windows (I.e Loosing cloud/internet connectivity). If the Latter, The devices will continue to cache the traffic flows and event logs and will pass this to the Cloud/Dashboard when Internet/Cloud connectivity is restored.

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@MilesMeraki, the downtime I'm referring is downtime (due to network, power outage,... ) from our side.
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