ProductType = switch_meraki

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ProductType = switch_meraki

Has anyone else noticed that the early API access has Meraki switches defined as a productType of switch_meraki ?


I assume this is to get ready for Cisco switches coming into the dashboard, so they can be referenced as a productType of switch_cisco


It would be good to know if this is the case so if anyone is using the productTypes as a means to filter data when collecting it from the API.



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Getting noticed

Did you happen to notice if this was in addition to a product type 'switch' or whether it was instead of. Otherwise yes this would mean quite a few script changes for people I imagine.

This seemed to be a replacement not an addition and I have not seen any info about it. I have logged a call with Meraki support to see where that goes.


We are looking at this aspect of the API GET /organizations/{organizationId}/devices 





 "productType": "switch_meraki",
    "model": "MS225-48",



We opted out of the earlly API access for the ORG and it has now reverted the productType back to just switch.

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

This does not seem to be an intentional change. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

Phew good to hear! Thanks for the quick responses.

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

This should no longer be occurring. If you have a chance to confirm, I'd appreciate it.

Building a reputation

Thanks @John-K - this would have resulted in a lot of regressions!


However, what do the C9300's appear as?  "switch_cisco" or "switch" ?


They should appear as "switch" wherever productType is referenced.

For the purposes of firmware upgrades, Catalyst switches are referred to as "switchCatalyst", but that is not a part of the productType enum.

It's not occuring any more as requested to confirm 😉

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