Postman run multiple request with different variable in CSV file

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Postman run multiple request with different variable in CSV file

I am relatively new here and maybe this topic has already been discussed here. I still try 🙂

A simple example.

In Postman two requests should be made at the same time. For example, in two different Meraki Networks AMP will be switched on once and once intrusion detection and prevention will be turned on.

For this I start Postman Runner and select these two requests, then I select a CSV file, where my variable networkId is stored, because I need the IDs for two of my locations there. Then I click Run and I'm done.

What is the question? The question is, I want to create a CSV file for many requests, that is, many variables.

For the same example above, I create in the CSV file a new variable network_name, which is not used in the two request. But possibly in another request.

But if I run now Runner, I get an error message that the second variable is unknown.

Of course, the second variable for these two requests is unknown because it was not defined there. Postman should simply ignore them and use only the variable that is defined in the code / request.

Is it generally possible to do something like that?

I'm sorry for my English

Kind of a big deal

I don't use Postman much, so can't help you there.  But perhaps you are starting to exceed the capabilities of Postman.


Perhaps consider changing over to using Python and writing a script. 

Kind of a big deal

I agree with Phillip. If you need to run something simultaneously (or sequentially!) on multiple things at once, a proper script will be simpler in the long run.


Once you know how to write scripts, you can knock out something like this fairly quickly.

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