Not seeing the value of meraki api

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Not seeing the value of meraki api

After downloading postman, collection and successfully making my first call I cant successfully create one new network.  Keep getting errors.  Specifically when trying to avoid a network to copy from or clone.  I dont want to copy or clone from another network and there seems to be no way around it.  Another error I got when I tried copying from an existing network in an attempt to make it happy was that you cant clone from a template network.  All my networks are on templates.  This is hog wash!  Further more it looks like you have to do them one network at a time.  I was hoping to be able to create hundreds of networks in minutes..... Whoa is me 😖 

Kind of a big deal

>you cant clone from a template network


You create and bind a network to a template, rather than clone.


Have you looked at the bulk network creation tool? 

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Good rec, @PhilipDAth !


@golden-goat sorry to hear about the struggle! It sounds like you already have a config template, and now you're trying to create more networks and bind them to that template? If so, Philip's rec is a good one here -- you may not need to use APIs for this.


If that tool doesn't meet your need, please share some more detail about what you'd like to be able to get done and we can point you in the right direction.

Comes here often

Was able to figure it out and much more.  On to python at this point.  Can provision multiple full stacks now with less scripts using for loops.  Just an old dog learning new tricks was all…

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