Meraki webhooks and PagerDuty

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Meraki webhooks and PagerDuty

We are in the process of doing some testing with Meraki webhooks and integrating with PagerDuty for alerts that get generated by our devices. We have the webhook setup and the alerts are getting through to PagerDuty. What we are seeing however, is that when the devices comes back online, the "back online" message is generating a new alert in PagerDuty instead of resolving the existing alert.


PagerDuty support is telling us that the interface from Meraki to PagerDuty was written by Meraki. Has anyone done this integration and have you seen this problem? What, if anything, did you do to resolve it?



Kind of a big deal

You could try "Making a wish" in the dashboard. 


I don't think you'll get anywhere though.  Alerts in Meraki land are stateless.  They trigger on some event happening, rather than on some past event no longer happening.


You would have to write your own event parser to try and marry up new events that relate to a past event and then send those results to the paging system yourself.

Building a reputation

From what PagerDuty has said, we may be able to alter how the alerts are sent to PagerDuty from Meraki, but we would need to change the Javascript that the hook is written in. No one here has enough JS experience to want to try that, and we have better things to do than altering that code.


Actually I have already written an HTTP server/event parser as an interface between N-Able/N-Central and PagerDuty. But, because we don't have the certificate for SSL on the server that runs it, I can't get the Meraki webhook to talk to it.

What about using Amazon Lamba?  It includes a certficate that you don't have to manage.

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