Meraki’s DevNet Zone Takeover at CLUS 2022!

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Meraki’s DevNet Zone Takeover at CLUS 2022!


If you happen to be among the lucky enough to make the trip to Las Vegas next week for CiscoLive, we encourage you to stop by and visit the Meraki team all day on Monday, June 13 in the DevNet Zone to engage in theatre sessions, hands-on workshops, classroom sessions and more!


If you’re new to the developer space or a seasoned pro, everyone is welcome. 


Come learn more about Meraki APIs and Ecosystem partners. The sessions are sure to appeal to Meraki network engineers, software developers, women in tech, beginning coders and more.


Start building your schedule today with Meraki sessions and we’ll see you in the DevNet Zone!


And learn more about all we have to offer on our dedicated CiscoLive page here: 


Meraki DevNet Zone Takeover Day

All Day on Monday, June 13, 2022

Food + Drinks from 3-4pm


📣And be sure to check out all of our API + Ecosystem-focused sessions, listed below and more in Shweta Palande's blog posted today! 📣


Meraki 101 - Introduction to Meraki Integrations - DEVNET - 1332

Integrating Meraki MV Cameras and MT Sensors - BRKDEV-1690

Rapid, Browser-based Data Gathering Through "Meraki Tools" - DEVWKS-2015

There's an App and an API for That- See How with Meraki - BRKMER-1004

Introduction to the Meraki Dashboard API - DEVWKS -1494

Solve Business Problems with Turn-Key Apps: A Primer on the Meraki Marketplace - DEVLIT-1640

Using IOT + Collab + Meraki API's for a safer return to the school - DEVNET-1416

The Bleeding Edge: What's New with Meraki APIs - DEVLIT-2421

Innovate with Meraki APIs and Its Partner Marketplace - DEVNET-1870

Meraki 201 - Programmatic Access: Accelerate with Intelligence - DEVNET-2174

Application Creation Through Customizable Webhook Templates - DEVWKS-2035

A quick tour to Meraki scanning API - DEVNET-1248

Meraki 202 - Programmatic Action: Simplicity at Scale - DEVNET-2177

Optimize your Meraki scripts with the Python SDK and Action Batches - DEVWKS-2457

Introduction to the Meraki Dashboard API - DEVWKS -1494

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Can't wait for for Cisco Live!  See you all there.

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