Meraki Dashboard Reports with Google Sheets


Meraki Dashboard Reports with Google Sheets

Is this thing still relevant?  I tried using it and a few parts of the "simple" instructions were not possible to do.  Once I made a copy and put my api key in all the demo crap was still on the copy and it only returned some of the reports I requested. Felt like I wasted an hour of my time on an abandoned half baked non supported project....

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Getting noticed

It use to be, but I believe it still is coded for V0 API calls last I looked.  It was a great place to start to learn the API and get data back in a simple format.   The evolution was this:!introduction/meraki-tools-for-g...


They are quick and dirty, simple but limited in function, but no code/low code to get some basic data back in a usable format.  I started with them early on, but once you get into python you won't likely go back.   My opinion.

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