Meraki API to add/authenticate a device on a particular SSID

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Meraki API to add/authenticate a device on a particular SSID

Hi Guys,


I need to add/authenticate a device on a SSID using the Meraki API, but couldn't find any reference to such calls in the API documentation. Please suggest!



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Look underneath the CLIENTS section:

"mac": "00:11:22:33:44:55",
"name": "Miles's phone",
"devicePolicy": "Group policy",
"groupPolicyId": "101"
Nolan Herring |

Hi Nolan,


Thanks for your response!


Actually, I want to authenticate the device on a particular SSID. But the provision API call does not have any attribute such as SSID. Please suggest!


Also, there does not seem to be any call for changing the client status from connected to disconnected or something. I have setup the splash page to be signed in with radius server and when making the API call - it says that '

SSIDs 0 do not have Click-through splash enabled. No changes were made.

'I want to remove the device(from the authenticated status) using the API. Can you please share your thoughts on this?




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