Making a Meraki script executable

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Making a Meraki script executable

Hey guys, I'm working on delivering a script to a client that they can simply run as an executable file. To do this I've used PyInstaller. I cannot however get the executable version of the script running, as I run into this error every time I try to run it. 


I was wondering if anyone has experience with Pyinstaller making meraki code executable in general. It would even be helpful to translate what this error means I'm not very sure where to look as I go about debugging.


ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'meraki.__init__.rest_session'


My hunch is that there is something about where the packages are installed, but i've tried deleting and reinstalling all the packages inside and outside a virtual environment, and even creating the executable at the top level folder of my computer.


Any input would be welcome. Thank you.

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Have you checked environment variables are present/set correctly for the context you want it to run in?



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I would recommend deploying your script in a Docker container that can be run platform independent. Then all the client has to do is have docker installed and run the container. Keeps it sandboxed from the rest of their environment as a bonus.

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Ok, but now how do I troubleshoot a Docker container? (Thanks in advance)

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