MX Configured as Primary or Spare

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MX Configured as Primary or Spare

Hello all,

I am trying to work out if an MX device connected to a Network is configured as Primary or as a Spare for the sake of reporting to an internal team.

I have checked the API documentation but through the dashboard.devices.getNetworkDevices or getOrganizationDeviceStatuses




As per the above images, I am looking to capture if the MX device is currently a Primary or Spare.

Any guidance on the same would be highly appreciated! 

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Hi Craiegg,


I think you should see the MAC-address of the Primary, and if you login to the switches you should be able to figure out on which physical port this Primary MX is connected to. If someone is at the location where the devices are, then maybe they could help you locate to which physical device the correspondig MAC-address belongs to through some detective work 🙂


I don't have any active warm spare configuration in my dashboard so I can't verify any setup at the moment..





Thanks for the suggestion, thats a bit of a long stretch as I would need to do this for 500+ sites. 

But I appreciate the suggestion, i'll take it into consideration. Was just wondering if there was a way the dashboard API could directly pull that information.



Aouch, yeah this is not a scalable solution... Therefore you mentioned the API calls 🙂 It sounds strange that it doesn't show any Serial number on Primary MX? I know it did before, but it was a while ago..



It does show the serial number, I just removed it out in the screenshot that I posted. 

Alright... I did re-read your question from the beginning now and start to realize what you would like to do... haha I believe it's too early in the morning for my brain. Need more coffee.. 


Hope you find any assistance from the API gurus 🙂



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