MVSense oid time of persistence

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MVSense oid time of persistence

Hello guys.

I would like to find more documentation about the oid. How it exactly works? What is the retention period? What is the behavior of oid during events? For example: In my scenario I have a hall where people pass exiting of elevators. Then people pass through the hall and are detected by mv camera. Next people will be presented with the same oid? The scope of oid is only during an event, or is it persistent during some time? How much time? For example: two people pass through the hall, oid 0 an 1 are attributed. People passed, after some seconds other two people pass. What will be the oid? Will be 0 and 1 again, or will be 2 and 3? How much time the oid 0 and 1 stay fixed trying match the persons one and two in my example?

Could you help me with this doubt?

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