Loop through Devices & App Data Storage Size

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Loop through Devices & App Data Storage Size

New to API's. How do I loop through devices (all iPhone's) in an organization and find data storage size an app takes in each of the devices? Could anyone provide links on API docs? Thanks!

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Re: Loop through Devices & App Data Storage Size

@Jason_beginner : Meraki API calls are below 


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Re: Loop through Devices & App Data Storage Size

This looks like the only call that returns app data, you'd need to try it against a test device to see if the return data gives what you are looking for...



You will need to find your organization ID, you can find it with...



Also you need the network ID of a system manager network, use this to find all networks and choose an SM one...



To create a script to automate things, the loop would be...


get all networks in the org with...



iterate through that list, testing the productTypes element

for each network that is a system manager network, run the get-network-sm-device-softwares call to get the device data


I recommend using the Python API library as it does a lot of the low level stuff for you...



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