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Location API Question



I have a couple of questions about the location/scanning API and the dashboard API.


The scanning API will, upon detection of a client, issue the geolocation in lat/lng alongside floorplans upon which the device is seen ('apFloors') and the x and y co-ordinates of the device as part of the POST to a provided reciever.


However, there doesn't seem to be a mechanism via the API to obtain a copy of the floorplans to cross-reference this against, nor are any units supplied for the X and Y values. I feel like I'm missing something that joins this together, but at the moment I can't see the value of the X/Y variables, yet I'd love to be able to map these devices on to a floorplan.


What I'd like to be able to do:

- Use the API and associated API key for Dashboard to make a call to retrieve the floorplans in use on dashboard (Base64?). These would then be provided and returned with a 'scale' that correlates with the X/Y co-ordinates issued by Scanning API.

- Then I can tie the whole lot together....


Any help would be gratefully appreciated, and if I've missed something or some key piece of documentation, my apologies in advance,


Chris Hykin


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Meraki Alumni (Retired)
Meraki Alumni (Retired)


That is correct, the Dashboard API does not provide the floor plans. However, our guide on how to integrate Mapwize includes a workaround you will hopefully like. Here are the instructions:


Also with the recent update to our floor plans tool on Dashboard, we've exposed a JSON endpoint which you can find when you view the source code of the page. It looks like this:


Your hostname and network ID will be different. The network ID will match your networkId from Dashboard API but without the "N_" attribute- and note it won't match a combined network with the "L_" attribute.


Colin Lowenberg

Colin Lowenberg
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Hi Colin,


Thank you very much for taking the time to respond to me. 


I think this is perhaps an area where the API could be improved. What i'm trying to achieve is an automated mechanism by which (essentially) I can obtain all the required information via the Dashboard API for a user to set up an account on my system, and then subsequently start listening from the Scanning API and interpretting the data. Importing the AP Mac addresses for a given network to x-reference against the Scanning API is easy, but in both your answers I'm unable to find an automated method of import for a 3rd party for the floorplans. (I have to know more than I'm able to find out via dashboard). 


I've filled out the 'make a wish' for this. Hopfully it's something you guys may consdier adding.


Thanks very much again Colin


Just browsing

Hello Colin,


How does authentication work for the JSON endpoint you mentioned, the Dashboard API key is of no use here. My use case is for a 3rd party to be able to download the floor plan metadata, the 3rd party has a valid API key but is not authorized for dashboard access.




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