Listing VLANs for MS Devices / combined networks.

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Listing VLANs for MS Devices / combined networks.

Hi, Most of our networks use either 1 or 2 MS425 switch which we configure as a core switch with several VLANs. By calling the 'networks/{{networkid}}/vlans' request I receive a 404 error and calling 'vlanEnabledState' I receive a request saying that VLANs are disabled. There is some mention in the API documentation that these commands are for MX devices only but I can't seem to find any documentation for the MS devices we use. Is it simply just not possibly at this time? Thank you!
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Kind of a big deal

You're correct. That endpoint call is a) for MX devices only and b) somewhat confusingly named.


I've gone over the API docs, but the only routing-related items I see are for the MX. I checked the getDeviceSwitchPorts call on an MS350 to see if perhaps the SVIs might get listed there, but that's only physical ports on specific switches in the stack.


I am not, in fact, finding anything related to l3 switch-based routing on the Dashboard API? And no OSPF anywhere at all...

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