Incorrect organisation licenseState / licensedDeviceCounts retuned

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Incorrect organisation licenseState / licensedDeviceCounts retuned



We're developing some API integration with Meraki for SD-WAN devices. We have a MX68W and a MX60 in our organisation, with only the MX68W currently licensed. 

I'd expect the call: to list the MX68W in the "licensedDeviceCounts" however what I'm seeing returned is: 

    "status": "License Required",
    "expirationDate": "N/A",
    "licensedDeviceCounts": {}

Calling shows the licensed device.


What is needed to get the correct licensedDeviceCounts returned?


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I would expect to see the MX68W in the license count too, if you have the license. I just ran my script to get the license and device counts for my organizations and it seems to be working fine. I do not have an MX68W in any of my organizations,but one does have an MX68CW license and that is being reported correctly.

Kind of a big deal

For me the first call returns the correct licensedDeviceCounts.


The second call seems to be meant for organizations that are using per-device licensing and returns this message:

    "errors": [
        "Organization with ID XXXXXXXX does not support per-device licensing"


Did you switch your organization to per-device licensing?

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As an FYI, we are using the per-device licensing. So the first call is still works in that case and returns valid data.

Looking at the inventory change log for when we applied the license (on 21 Nov) , it shows "Assigned 1 MX68W device licenses", so yes I believe we're using per-device licensing. But I'd still expect the org license status to reflect the number and type of licensed devices.


We only have a couple of devices as needed them for some testing outside of the devnet/sandbox environment.

I've opened a support case with Meraki, will see if they can get to the bottom of what's going on.


The API call was looking really promising for being a simple/lightweight method to get an inventory and count of device types without needing to request details of all devices within the org.

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