Identify API v0 usage the easy way ✌🏽0️⃣

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Identify API v0 usage the easy way ✌🏽0️⃣

As you've heard, API v0 has been deprecated since August 2020, and sunset as of February 5. If you are still using API v0, you are at risk, and should migrate your operations to v1 endpoints at your first opportunity.


To assist with this, we’ve just released a new feature for our getOrganizationApiRequests endpoint that makes it trivial for customers to identify API v0 usage. To use it with this endpoint, call the endpoint with the new version query param:


GET /organizations/:organizationId/apiRequests?version=0


This new filter ?version=0 is live, but not yet added to documentation (expect the docs update in June). Using this query parameter, the endpoint will only return requests made to API v0 endpoints for the given timespan. It will return an empty set [] if there were no API v0 requests made for that organization for the given timespan.


We hope you will find this helpful during your migration from API v0 to v1!

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