IN BETA: Link-layer network topology

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IN BETA: Link-layer network topology

True navigation begins in the human heart. It's the most important map of all.

-- Elizabeth Kapu'uwailani Lindsey


If Lindsey is right, then the second most important map is the map of the network you're documenting or troubleshooting. Meraki has offered a visual network map for years, and today I'm excited to announce the beta release of our network topology API endpoint, available here for beta participants:


GET /networks/:networkId/topology/linkLayer


This endpoint will give you two lists:

  • nodes, which are Meraki devices or other network devices we detect via protocols like CDP or LLDP, offering information including:
    • MAC address
    • Node type, like Meraki device, Meraki switch stack, or otherwise
    • Device-specific information when available, such as
      • Serial number
      • Name
      • Model
      • Product type
      • And more
    • Node-specific CDP/LLDP information, when available
    • Node-specific uplink information, when available
    • Root node identification
  • links, which are physical links between nodes, offering node info for both ends of the link, such as:
    • Node type
    • Device-specific information, when available
    • Link- or port-specific CDP/LLDP information, when available


This also means that in a single API call, you can now gather LLDP/CDP information for all the devices in your network!


Beta participants have access to this endpoint today, and we're excited to hear your feedback. 


How do I join the beta?

If you'd like the join the beta, you can get started here.


When will these features be generally available?

The GA date is TBD but we look forward to sharing more information as we collect beta feedback.

Here to help

Has anyone had success with this endpoint?  I have not been able to get a valid response, and am instead getting 404.


I have plenty of other scripts that are able to access API endpoints via requests, but this one fails.  My network is enabled for beta features, and I am using the specific shard rather than the generic, but no luck.

Just ran and it worked for me with both generic base URL and direct shard URL.

Can you confirm you have signed up for the Developer Early Access Program on your target dashboard organization? You can find the link in the original post.

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